Voiceovers and Subtitling Translation

It is no secret that communicating in different languages will expand your reach and enable you to be understood or understand others. Our international language services  company understands the importance of transmitting your message across language barriers, and we know how to do it correctly.

Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or¬† a larger corporate organization communicating with foreign language speakers, we can help increase public awareness of your company, educate consumers about your products or services, and help you keep abreast of your competitors. In short, a professional language translation service will open your possibilities for expansion and growth.

Voiceovers and SubtitlingWe provide foreign language voiceover services for use in corporate presentations, training films, webcasts and podcasts.

Elanga has a retained network of professional native-speaker voice talents in a wide range of languages.

Our foreign language voice over services comprise of the following:

  • Network of professional native-speaker voice talents in a wide range of languages
  • Range of male and female voice ‘ages’ and styles
  • Market adaptation – we adapt your script to suit the cultural differences of your target audience
  • Modern recording studio facilities to guarantee sound quality
  • Native speakers guarantee a natural, accurate, and professional voice over.
  • Script translation. Foreign language scripts often vary greatly in length from English. Native speaking specialist language translators are best placed to deal with language expansion (a feature of translated text whereby some languages require more text or longer words than the source language). For example, when translating from English into German text can swell up to 50% and from English to Polish 20%
  • Transcription of the original master – we provide English and foreign language time-coded transcriptions of rushes, finished programmes and recordings.
  • Subtitling – we can produce broadcast quality subtitles in both digital and analogue formats in fast turnaround times. Our language experts are well-versed in the demands of multilingual subtitling and take into consideration a variety of factors including synchronisation of sound and image, reading speed, content, line break rules for different languages and length of different languages.
  • Script translation service providing effective audio version, rather than literal translation
  • Modern recording studio facilities
  • Lip-synching, music and effects
  • Full audio editing service including final synching to video

Simply call us or fill out our contact form to receive a quote and more information about our voiceovers and subtitling services.