Elanga International Clients

Richard Crossland , Sales and Marketing Manager. Amity International.

”We have used Elanga for translation now for a long time. We allow them to use our logo and to say that we are one of their customers and we support them in every way especially as the work is good..!”

Testimonial by client whose web site translated into 12 languages.

” Elanga has completed a lot of work for us to a very high standard and would thoroughly recommend them to any other business, for whatever language they require ”

Testimonial from Advertising Sales Manager for Data Storage company

” Many thanks for your email. I too look forward to working with you going forward. Haroon has said many positive things about the friendly and accurate translation service he has received’ ”

Provision of 2 Interpreters. Company in Nottingham

” Thank you for sending two very competent, and lovely people. All feedback from our delegates was very positive indeed. It was also lovely to receive positive feedback from Sonya and Lisa about us.

When the need arises I will be using your services again. ”

Largest Snack producer food company in UK from Head of Export

” Thank you again for your incredible support and professionalism. ”

Testimonial from Mining Crushing machinery company Exporting worldwide.

” Very happy with the service provided by the way, very good and clear and no bulls**t as you get with a lot of suppliers so I appreciate your help and support with turning this around quickly. ”

Thanks Again.

Multilingual market research project in 8 languages

” I’m glad to report everything has gone swimmingly with the presentation etc, the client was very happy with our findings. Thank you for your assistance on this project, especially in light of the range of services Elanga provided in every language. Our focus group Interpreters were just excellent. ”

Food producing company providing pre packed products for airlines.  M. D of company.

”Once again we were very happy with your work and we have a large variety of sauces, as our development continues, there will be many opportunities for Elanga to work with us in the not so distant future”

Food Company exporting to Europe and Scandinavia. Sales/Buying Director

“Thank you so much for all your help. Our exports have increased hugely in recent years. We started with only 4 languages on our label and now we are exporting to many countries and require 7 languages. You work directly with our designers too which takes the pressure off us and we always know that our labels are right.”

Tony Carter, Trelleborg Industrial AVS Asia Market Manager

”Six months into the China venture I have no doubts that the Intensive Mandarin Chinese Language and Cultural Awareness training I undertook prior to leaving the UK has helped me to make good business progress in Shanghai. The amount I picked up allowed me to break the ice with our Chinese team and develop a good working relationship which means that the work gets done more efficiently”

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Sales Director, Ingredient Handling Solutions (AZO GmbH)

”The benefits gained from learning German have been tremendous. A lot of respect has been gained from our German colleagues and this helps to enhance our working partnership. We can now discuss ”technical issues” with greater ease which is very important as it ensures that we maintain satisfaction to our customers. Elanga International made language learning much easier and enjoyable than I had ever thought.”

Warren Barton SKY TV Broadcaster learns French with Elanga

Warren Barton SKY TV Broadcaster learns French with Elanga

Warren Barton SKY TV Broadcaster learns French with Elanga

”I have thoroughly enjoyed learning French with Elanga International. I found the approach very professional and thorough. I was amazed at how quickly I made progress and found the course interesting. it helped me to become more confident in myself and as a French speaker whilst living in France.”

Worldwide Technical Services Company. HR Director.

“Many thanks for your help and the quick turnaround for our project communication in French, German, Italian, Dutch and Czech. It enables us to communicate more directly and accurately with our employees worldwide”

Pauline Carpenter, M. D International Business trading with Spanish supplier

”We have on many occasions required the translation services of Elanga International when dealing with our manufacturer in Spain. They are professional and offer an efficient and accurate service and on many occasions we needed a translation or an Interpreter quickly and they have worked quickly and efficiently within our often short time frame”

International UKTI Trade Adviser returns from Trade Mission to Mexico.

“I have just returned from an excellent week in Mexico – the Trade Mission jointly with East Midlands that you kindly supported at our briefing. It went very well with all delegates reporting success, and making good use of their new found Spanish skills!”

Engineering company user manual translated into German. Machine exported to German customer.

“Dear Elaine, Many thanks for such a quick turnaround on the translation. I have emailed it to our customer this afternoon. He is hoping to have the machine delivered on Monday morning, so perfect timing.”

International Rail Company Executive received German Tuition at Peak District location

“Thank you again for the course. I returned to the office to also find my first e-mail in German – almost all of which I could read which pleased me no end!”

Sister Bridget Trains as an Interpreter with Elanga

Sister Bridget Trains as an Interpreter with Elanga

Sister Bridget Folkard (Rwandan Mission of the Sisters in Africa)

”Having been asked by my Congregation to act as Interpreter in Belgium during the forthcoming International meetings of the Sisters I was pleased to have been able to prepare for this by a two week course with individual one to one tutoring with Elanga International. I have been given the basic skills through hours of practice. The course was residential in Derbyshire and all my needs were thoughtfully answered. Elanga International offers both warm kindness and efficiency. The course was helpful and very enjoyable”

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