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Elanga InternationalElanga International is a leading Midlands based language consultancy serving clients worldwide in all world languages. Founded by Elaine Walker in 1999 to provide flexible, tailored language services to businesses, organisations and individuals Elanga came from a basic recognition that Britain was trading in a multicultural and multilingual marketplace and that in order to win business and secure deals Britain increasingly had to face the language issue. Ministers were warning companies that language skills were undervalued and Britain needed to access more trade opportunities by breaking down language and cultural barriers.

The language of world commerce may be English in its various forms but the language of real success is the ability to speak some the language of the client you are looking to do business with. Smatterings of English may not be enough when your competitor has taken the time and trouble to learn some of the language of their prospective client and show the necessary respect to win that vital order.

Whilst Elanga recognises that to show respect through speaking some of the language of your client is important it is vital to get it right culturally. Britain is now trading extensively in countries like China for example, where cultural differences are marked.

A language error can be quirky and cute but a cultural gaff can be costly.

Elanga has a team of project managers based at our Staffordshire Headquarters and a global network of specialist professional translators, consultants, interpreters, tutors and trainers worldwide.

As a direct result of continued growth in the world of languages Elanga is a language provider to UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) Business Link and is an award winner nationally at the Language for Export Awards and the East Midlands International Business Communication Awards.

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