Food packaging label translation services specialist

Food Industry Translation SpecialistAfter many years of helping food companies to export products worldwide Elanga knows the world of food inside out. Our specialist experienced food packaging and label industry translators have an outstanding track record in the provision of translation services for the food sector. We help to increase your export sales into all world markets. Clients we work with began exporting using 3 languages on their particular food label and a few years later sales have significantly increased such that we now supply translations in 8 languages for any one food label.

We have a client base that spans the world of food and includes food producers, food technologists, consumer brands and packaging and labelling specialist companies.

Our expertise includes translation of all kinds of printed and online communications including:

  • packaging and food labels
  • health and safety information
  • quality procedures
  • internal and external documentation
  • contracts
  • technical specifications
  • annual reports and press releases
  • food and drink web sites

We translate and typeset all world languages through a network of tried and tested language professionals. Whatever the format of your original material, our design specialists adapt your existing artwork so that your foreign language version looks as impressive as the original.

We work directly with your design studio (where required) to create your food packaging label in any language.

It will be print ready and proof read with the translation designed to fit into the space available on the label.

Specialist food translators are part of our network and have been for years and the bespoke service offered by Elanga is speedy so as to comply with any deadlines you may have when dealing with the big multiples.

Why is food label translation important?

It is important to include appropriate warning labels on foods that contain or in some cases, are prepared, near common allergens, for example ‘May contain nuts’ or ‘Best before end’.

By alerting consumers to potentially-harmful ingredients, you do your part to keep them healthy, in addition to avoiding legal problems. However, food label translation is about far more than legal issues alone. Having the proper nutritional and ingredient details in the appropriate language keeps customers safe and healthy, by keeping them informed about what they’re eating. In turn, companies benefit from keeping customers happy and loyal.

Good quality food label translation is therefore an investment worth making for all parties involved.