Language & Cultural Awareness Training

Language & Cultural Awareness TrainingEnglish is no longer enough. For companies looking to sell internationally it is essential for British Businesses to realise that their European competitors are able to do business not only in English but also in their own language and often in one or two others. British businesses who are slow to realise this can risk losing trade, international export and business opportunities

Much is said about language and the lack of it.

Language is of the utmost importance but it can easily be overlooked that, whilst people will forgive an error in language (in fact it can be quaint), they will not forgive you if you get it wrong culturally.

Courses in Language and Cultural Awareness training for a day can involve learning the language basics and also cultural differences when doing business with the country in question. The two are often inseparable as it is of the utmost importance to be able to speak some of the basic language as well as to fully understand cultural differences. Britain is now trading with countries like China where the culture is markedly different.

A Cultural gaffe can be a very costly one… GET IT RIGHT FIRST TIME

  • 1 in 5 UK Exporting companies have lost business due to their inability to communicate in a foreign language.
  • 80% of UK Exporting companies cannot conduct business overseas in even one foreign language.
  • 75% of the World’s population don’t speak English.
  • Over 70% of UK trade is with non-English speaking countries.
  • Cultural Awareness training can be provided on a one day or weekly basis
  • A specialist Tutor is allocated and will move to the client premises or venue of choice
  • Sessions can be from an hour in length to a whole day
  • Training tailored to individual, small or large group
  • Flexible sessions ranging from 12 up to 40 hours depending on your requirements

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Language & Cultural Awareness Training

Xiaohui Sun China Consultant with Elaine Walker M. D Elanga International

Elanga International was asked to provide Language and Cutural Awareness training to the Asia Market Manager, his wife and 14 year old son, of a global organisation. As a result of providing this training Elanga International was nominated finalist at the East Midlands International Business Communications Awards.

Training offered across all languages and Cultures

Cultural Training is a necessity in an international business climate. Our courses are designed to give you the knowledge, tools and confidence to live and work across different cultures, and to work both in and with multi-cultural teams and markets.

More than 15 business delegates spent a day recently receiving training from Elanga in Nottingham looking at ways of doing business in China, familiarising themselves with the Chinese language and the marked Cultural differences faced when establishing trade links with China.

Our China day covers all language and cultural aspects and the course is designed to introduce you to the basics of business Mandarin and gain an insight into the cultural attitudes and behaviours including such topics as:

  • Numbers,
  • Days of the week,
  • Please, thank you, sorry, do you speak English,
  • Making phone calls and following up,
  • Eating out – what to expect, placing your order,
  • Drinking – what and how much!
  • Tipping etiquette,
  • Introducing yourself – how to meet and greet your business contacts,
  • Presenting and understanding business cards,
  • Meeting culture – what format will the meeting take?
  • How should you negotiate? – Formal vs informal styles,
  • Delivering presentations – dos and don’ts

These day courses are available for all cultures

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