English Language Training

English Language TrainingWhether you want to study at University, take an exam, use English confidently in the work place, improve your existing level of fluency or pronunciation for use in business, Elanga provides courses to meet those needs.

Courses are individually designed and can be taken on days and at times convenient to the client.

We offer:

  • Focused instruction on particular skills such as report, letter writing, speech giving, presentations or comprehension.
  • A review and proof reading service of written material which may be used for business profiles, speeches, presentations and correspondence.
  • A focus on pronunciation and delivery of spoken language to ensure clarity and fluency of speech.
  • An ‘at home’ service providing tuition to International business executives, expatriates, children of expatriates and International Sportsmen and women.
  • In-company English language training in the UK and worldwide
  • English courses in the beautiful Peak District of Derbyshire.

Elanga provides a structured support network designed to help people settle more easily into the UK, transact business more confidently, build lasting relationships and adapt better to British life and culture. Your company may employ migrant workers who need additional help in understanding instructions in English.

Our tuition in tandem with cross cultural training can minimise significantly the impact of culture shock whilst resident in the UK.

Relocation abroad is a huge step. The changes and contrasts in the simple things such as language difference, food, TV, climate, shopping and habits form just a small part of the relocation process. It is often the deeper differences in mentality, views, religion, and business etiquette that have a more profound impact.

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