Elanga International offers a personal Translation service dedicated to ensuring that the meaning of your message is understood in whichever language you require. To successfully secure contracts abroad or export your goods or services you may need your Web Site and promotional materials translated into other languages.

We have established a global network of experienced translators which enables Elanga International to provide a fast, efficient and accurate service. Translators work within their target markets and produce high quality foreign language text as well as English text, efficiently and accurately.

Project Management

No project is too large or small. Your project will be managed from beginning to end by a project manager who knows the specialism, training and experience of the Linguist assigned to your translation. All Linguists have first language competence in the target language.

Specialist Areas

Food Industry Translation Specialist

We work directly with your design studio ( where required) to create your food packaging label in any language.
It will be print ready and proof read with the translation designed to fit into the space available on the label. We help to increase your export sales into all worlds markets.
Specialist food translators are part of our network and have been for years and the bespoke service offered by Elanga is speedy so as to comply with any deadlines you may have when dealing with the big multiples. more info »

Financial Translation

Clearly, when asked to translate financial material and documents using the right terms in the right context is crucial. To ensure this happens we will work with you to agree translated glossaries of terms specific to your company or industry.
Whatever the sector, be it Banks, Consumer Products, Insurance Companies, Telecoms, or Utilities, we have specialist and experienced financial translators on hand for your project. A translator needs to be familiar with the sector in question, know their way round the accounts through the Income Statement, Balance Sheet and cash flow statement and the importance of the Notes to the Accounts.
From our extensive database of professional mother-tongue financial specialist translators, we select the person best qualified to handle each individual project. more info »

Public Sector Translation

Elanga is a Midlands language provider to UKTI and to Business Link.
When a company, looking to trade internationally, through UKTI, requires the translation of product literature for a forthcoming Trade Mission Elanga International is put forward as a recommended language provider.
Public service providers such as local authorities and councils in the UK are increasingly required by law to provide frontline services in a wide variety of languages. Whether it is information leaflets, public warning signs or notices or various types of documentation, a reliable and accurate translation services is a vital resource for local authorities and government bodies.
Providing translation services to the public means that translations must be 100% accurate, high quality and relevant to the reader.

Travel & Tourism

If you need to have your message clearly understood by an audience which does not have English as its native language and promote your product or establishment internationally Elanga can manage the translation of your literature or web site regarding places of tourist interest, leisure and sports centres, hotels, restaurants, holiday rental properties, self-catering and B&B businesses, online booking services, tourist information centres, vehicle hire, travel agencies and tour operators web sites.

Automotive Translation

In order to strike the right tone and for accuracy of meaning for all parties involved Elanga International provides professional automotive translators able to work with the tightest deadlines and produce high quality translation of catalogues, warranty books, training, user and dealer guides, diagnostic and maintenance guides, technical and service bulletins, CD-ROMs, electronic database files, marketing brochures, literature and product specifications as well as company websites.

Legal Translation

When you require the translation of a legal document, contract, marriage/birth certificate a specialist legal translator is selected from our extensive database of professional mother-tongue translators. Our translation project managers select the person best qualified to handle each individual project. For example, if a legal translation into German requires knowledge of contract law and terminology, we’ll look for a native German speaker with translation qualifications plus experience in this particular field. Alternatively if the text relates to court proceedings, then we’ll seek a qualified translator with legal training and first-hand knowledge of court work. It is this attention to detail which ensures that many of our clients are law firms and entrust us with translation of important legal documents time and time again. more info »

Technical Translation

Our technical specialist translators translate only into their native language and we use them only for work which falls within the confines of their specialist technical knowledge and in addition when they are totally conversant with the field concerned. After working on the translation of all documentation for the construction of a Power Station we do consider ourselves very experienced in this field. We have an established team of technical and chartered engineer translators.

Marketing and PR Translation

What can be more disappointing than having your marketing materials, advertising campaign or corporate message poorly translated? One inaccurately translated word, and you may lose a sales opportunity that can be costly. Marketing translators take special care in the presentation of your company’s PR messages and, where necessary, they will work to culturally tailor and adapt it for the target market.
The marketing translators at Elanga will help you to achieve your international marketing goals. Our translators effectively translate your press releases, articles, brochures, print ads, catalogues and other promotional materials helping to break the language barrier in international communication.

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation

Elanga is an experienced provider of translation in the Medical and Pharmaceutical sector and we are expert in selecting the most suitable linguists with medical expertise and knowledge as well as our reliability in project management and quality control. We understand the need to be flexible and responsive in our service, and that accuracy and thoroughness remain essential – even within the tightest of project timelines. Client confidentiality is maintained at all times. We translate Records, Manuals, Health Insurance Documents, Scan Reports, Dosage and use instructions, Research papers, and many more.

Web Site Translation

Translation of your site is the only way to make it accessible to a Worldwide audience. Only through translation can you show the true value of your products and services and be assured that it is fully understood by a non English speaker.
Elanga ensures that the translation of your websites is not only accurate, but also reads naturally in the target language. Good website localization should always seem as if the content was originally written in the target language.
more info »


For a translation quotation please contact us with your requirements. Translation is usually quoted per 1,000 words. Completed translations can be returned by e-mail, disk, fax or mail.