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Conference Interpreter Services and Trade Fairs Interpreter Services

InterpretersThere are different types of Interpreter Services:

  • Simultaneous/Conference Interpreting,
  • Ad Hoc Interpreting,
  • Consecutive Interpreting,
  • Telephone Interpreting

Elanga has extensive and varied experience in the provision of Interpreters for conferences, meetings, trade fairs and has worked over a sustained period with clients such as the British Equestrian Trade Association and the British Canoe Union. Our early association in the provision of interpreters was in working for and helping to organise the Junior World Championship White Water Rafting event in Bala, Wales involving interpretation in 17 languages. A true baptism of fire but a firm grounding in the organisation of events requiring multilingual interpretation. We provide interpreters for a range of foreign language work. Our highly expert and skilled interpreters can travel throughout the UK and overseas.

Interpreters are selected who have experience in the particular terminology or sector required by the client and they are flexible regarding hours of work.

Our interpreters will usually talk in depth to the client prior to the job, sometimes having face to face meetings to ensure that they fully understand the content to be discussed in the meeting or event and all associated terminology and what is required of them. In this way we ensure that your meetings with overseas customers or colleagues are problem-free.

Elanga also provides native speakers to conduct telephone market research for companies wishing to undertake desk research into new overseas markets.



Elanga interpreter team at the British Equestrian Trade Fair

A more formal type of interpreting for International meetings, conferences, large scale meetings or smaller more informal ones where delegates speak different languages but need to communicate, negotiate and transact business.

It is usually carried out from a booth and requires the use of headsets. This type of service requires the use of equipment and a technician which is also provided by Elanga.

Delegates may fly in from different parts of the world and need to be able to discuss points and understand the content of a meeting. The only way to do this is to receive Interpretation through an Interpreter.

Ad Hoc

Usually takes place in a less formal setting. The Interpreter will be present with the participants at the meeting and will interpret as and when needed. This interpretation service is provided from and into any language. There is also an alternative way called ‘whispering’ which is where an Interpreter sits alongside clients requiring interpretation and whispers the proceedings whilst in progress.


The speaker pauses after each sentence whilst the Interpreter interprets and translates what has been said into the other language. Often the Interpreter will take notes in order not to forget what has been said.

Telephone Interpreting

Elanga also provides native speakers to conduct telephone market research for companies wishing to undertake desk research into new overseas markets.

Our Telephone Interpreting service can be easily integrated into your own business procedures enabling you and your colleagues to communicate instantly in any language. We are on hand to help improve your multilingual communication, research and general communication with customers overseas.

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