Language Translation Service

Elanga International is a progressive International language consultancy founded 14 years ago in the East Midlands and based in Derbyshire, UK.

Interpreter Service

Elanga provides a complete range of language services in all world languages through a retained network of language specialists.

Multi Lingual Market Research

We offer a comprehensive global and multilingual market research service.

The firm's coverage is nationwide and international.

Elanga's experience within the private sector is widespread both in terms of company size and market.

Translation Service

Elanga understands the importance of high quality thorough translation. Our dedicated team of UK translators hold specialist skills in food label translation, technical, legal, commercial and financial work amongst others.

Interpreter Provision

Elanga has extensive and varied experience in the provision of Interpreters for conferences, meetings and trade fairs in both the UK and overseas. Our work has involved clients such as the British Equestrian Trade Association and the British Canoe Union.

Language Training

Elanga International offers every kind of language training solution with more specialist options which take place across the UK and overseas.

Language & Cultural Awareness Training

Training can involve language basics tuition with training solutions to help break new world markets where the culture is markedly different.

Multilingual Market Research. French, German Spanish, Italian, Polish

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A project was recently completed

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Language and Cultural Awareness Training

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Breaking the language barrier to trade is of the utmost importance.

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Interpreters for a wide range of commercial activities

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Elanga also provides interpreters for a wide range of commercial activities.

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